Dr. John A. Allan

A collection of photos and other materials related to work and life of Alberta's first provincial geologist.
Photo captions were taken from a publication of the Research Council of Alberta.

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Mountain is Named for City Geologist (1948)

A mountain has been named after a noted Edmonton geologist. The Geographic Boards of Canada and Alberta announced the name of Mount Allan has been given to a 9,150-foot peak in the vicinity of the Kananaskis River in the valley which reaches from the Bow River to the Kananaskis. The peak was named after Dr. J. A. Allan, professor of geology at the University of Alberta.

Pioneer Geologist Ends 40-Year Career (1950)

One of Canada's top-ranking geologists and University of Alberta faculty member for past 40 yearts, Dr. John Andrew Allan retired yesterday.

Retirement of J. A. Allan (1950)

Newspaper article about retirement of Dr. John A. Allan