Department of Geography

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Department of Geography - staff

Department of Geography: R. Pakan, M. Fisher, D. Chesterman, J. Fjoser, F. Metcalfe

Department of Geography (1960)

Department of Geography, 1960-61, Smith, Longley, Farrell, Bergmann, Laycock, Wonders, Young

Department of Geography - Faculty (1960)

Department of Geography - faculty: Bergmann, Laycock, Wonders, Young, Smith, Longley, Farrell

Department of Geography (1962)

Department of Geography, 1962-63, Baker, Bergmann, Wood, Fullerton,Young, Farell, Laycock, Savage, Longley, Helburn

Field Camp (1962)

Roger Byrne, Eckart Ehlers, Cooke, Gibson, Savage, Turton, Guthrie, Hull, Laycock, Baker, Lupton, Bergman, Helburn, Welch

Department of Geography (1965)


Department of Geography (1974)

Bergmann, Siefried, Ironside, Klawe, Reinelt, Sitwell, Hage, Johnson, Bonnet, Anderson, Kosinski, Wonders, Smith, Hodgson, Charlton, Laycock, Smith

Department of Geography (1975)

The Original Three: Dr. A. H. Laycock (left), Dr. W. C. Wonders, Dr. R. Common (right)