1946-1947: Mining and Geological Society

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Description: Seated: Dr. K.A. Clark, Honorary President Elect, Dr. R.L. Rutherford, Honorary President First Row: R.C. Meyer, M.W. Clark, I.C. Edwards, Z. D’Amico, G.H. Weisser, G. Fong, F.J. Panchysyn, R.T. Phipps, G.G. Scruggs, J.L. Yeats Second Row: R.A. Diamond, N.W. Taylor, R.A. Spencer, J.A. Harquail, C.W. Templeton Third Row: D.L. Hyde, J.D. Russell, M.J. Yasheyko, D.H. Shouldice Fourth Row: D.J. Kelly, F. Burton, D. Pickett, H.J. Chalmers Fifth Row: R.N. Taylor, J.E. Morris, D.J. Parry, G.M. Hajash, R. Lauer
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