1966-1967: P.S. Warren - Geological Society

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Description: First Row: S. Srivastava, P. Binda, S. Jackson, D. Green (President), Dr. P.S. Warren, M. Carson (Secretary-Treasurer), D. Stelck (Vice President), B. Chi, C. Stapleton, G. Cartier Second Row (standing): J. Robinson, R. Singh, M. Cholach, G. Bird, K. Ahmad, J. Greig Third Row (standing): A. Johnson, J. Horejsi, D. Rice, H. Reich, W. Zaturecky, W.G. Morris, A. Rich, T. Reimchen Fourth Row (standing): R.K. O’Nions, L. Vopni, L. Chrismas, J. Kramers, P. Acham, G. Behl, J. Ramsden
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