1970-1971: P.S. Warren - Geological Society

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Description: First Row: G. Andrews, R. Rahmani, unknown, unknown Second and Third Rows (standing): P. Sassano, unknown, R.D. Morton, R. St J. Lambert, R. McDougall, A. Farkas, unknown, D. Hughes, unknown Fourth Row (standing): C. Scarfe, D. Tomlinson, T. Frish, G. Dickie, R. Anan Yorke, E. Pratt Fifth and Sixth Rows (standing): M. Olada, G. Milvain, R.E. Folinsbee, G. Krupicka, D. Fox, K. Babcock, B. Chatterton, unknown, R. Burwash, C. Stelck, unknown, D. Prosser, E. Kruchcowski
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