Visit in the Badlands

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Description: Personnel of four expeditions gathered at the camp of Charles M. Sternberg, Little Sandhill Creek, southeast Alberta, July 21, 1917 Standing (left to right): Gustav E. Lindblad - assistant to C.M.S., Ralph L. Rutherford - assistant to J.A.A., Percy A. Taverner - ornithologist at the National Museum, Charles M. Sternberg, C.H. Young - assistant to P.A.T., Charles H. Sternberg, John A. Allan - Professor of Geology at the University of Alberta. Seated (left to right): cook for C.H.S., assistant to C.H.S., Bruce McKee - assistant to C.H.S. The Sternbergs were famous dinosaur hunters. Source: University of Alberta Archives #77-84-199
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