Jiri Krupicka

Jiri Krupicka joined the Department of Geology, University of Alberta in October 1968. He received his Doctor of Science (RNDr) degree from the Charles University in Prague in 1947. Prior to starting his study at the Science Faculty he obtained a MA degree from the Faculty of Philosophy at the same university.

Before coming to Canada, J. Krupicka was a docent (assistant professor) in the Department of Geology at the Charles University. He worked (apart from teaching) as mapping and research petrologist in the igneous and metamorphic terraines of the Bohemian Massif. Later he served as senior geologist with the Geological Survey of Czechoslovakia.

At the University of Alberta he joined Dr. Ron Burwash in his petrological and geological research of the Western Canada Precambrian basement The study of the subsurface from drill cores was later extended to the adjoining exposed areas of the Canadian Shield in Saskatchewan (Churchill River), in the NWT (pilot Lake), and on the Alberta - NWT border on the Slave River. The main result of their common work was the discovery of a wide mobile zone in the basement (Athabasca Mobile Zone), and of extensive areas of granulite facies rocks in the Precambrian basement of north-central Alberta.

J. Krupicka's main line of work was (and partly still is) the petrological study of reworked and polymetamorphic rocks both from the North American Shield, including the Arctic (Devon Island) and from the cratons of other continents