Reidar Tronnes


Reidar Tronnes was appointed to a 2 year Visiting Assistant Professor position (Mineralogy-Petrology) in 1988. He received the Sivilingenior degree from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, University of Trondheim in 1978, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of We stem Ontario in 1985. He was a research assistant and junior lecturer at the Norwegian Institute of Technology from 1979 to 1981, a Nordic Council Postdoctoral Fellow at the Nordic Volcanological Institute, Iceland, 1985-1987 and a Research Scientist at the Geological Survey of Norway, 1987-1988.

His research includes petrogenic studies of monzonitic to granitic rocks in the Olso Rift and of tholeiitic volcanics in the Icelandic rift zones, as well as high pressure experimental studies of the phase relations of phlogopite and amphibole in upper mantle peridotites. Tronnes teaches 3rd and 4th year courses in igneous and metamorphic petrology, and he supervises two of the graduate students of the late Dr. C.M Searfe. The coordination of the activity in the CM Scarfe Laboratory of Experimental Petrology was also his responsibility until Dr. Luth joined the department