P.S. Warren Geological Society

P.S. Warren Geological Society - 1964The PS Warren Geological Society is an undergraduate society at the University of Alberta not only for Geology Specialization/Honors students but students with an interest in the world of geology and those who wish they were in geology.

Throughout the year, we organize various networking and socializing events, such as “geo-mixers”, a Halloween party, the Christmas banquet (in conjunction with ATLAS, the geo grad students), and St. Patty’s Day!

We’ll also be organizing trips to conferences (and hopefully some field ones too). Geoskills is an important event that is held every year in Calgary. This conference is planned with the help of APEGGA, UAGUS (U of A Geophs), The Rundle Group (U of C Geo), Joli Fu (MRU Geo) and GUSS (U of C Geophys) . Many Students will also attend Mineral Roundup in Vancouver in January. Students should consider attending both conferences as they are great networking opportunities, and am awesome way to meet potential employers.

We also organize sports teams and events. Sign-up for sports teams is in the common room (Tory 3-6).

And who can forget about grad?! We have a separate Grad Committee that is in charge of organizing everything for this great milestone in our university careers. This year, the graduation banquet and ceremony will be held on the same day as the APEGGA Earth Ring Ceremony. Fundraising for this very expensive day will be going on year-round, so keep reading about upcoming barbecues, bake sales, and nights out on the town!

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